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The HMI Leaders Award 2017

Congratualtions to HMI Leaders Award 2017!

This year joint winners are:

HSE South Lee Mental Health Services, Blackrock Hall Primary Care Centre Project “ Personal Journeys of Stigma and Recover.

Project’ WALK in partnership with Tallaght Hospital

Conor Crowley and Leona Moynihan, HSE South Lee Mental Health Services, Blackrock Hall Primary Care Centre Project “ Personal Journeys of Stigma and Recovery – A short film project by the Blackrock Hall Men’s Group’ L to R Patrick Minihane, Thomas McDonald, Leona Moynihan, tony Desmond, Declan Desmond, Conor Crowley.

Catherine Kelly from WALK,  with colleagues Mick Teehan and Vicky Hogan , Project’ WALK in partnership with Tallaght Hospital’, L to R: Ian Addie, Novartis Ireland, Catherine Kelly, Mick Teehan, Vicky Hogan, Eamonn Fitzgerald, Chair of Judging Panel

Judging Panel L – R Ian Addie, Novartis Ireland, Caroline O’Regan, RCSI, Dr. Conor Malone, She, Eamonn Fitzgerald, Hermitage Medical Clinic and Head of Judging Panel

“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be”
          Rosalyn Carter, former US First Lady.

This mindset is what the HMI Leaders Award is all about. It’s an acknowledgement to those individuals and teams who dare to be innovative and see future possibilities within challenging circumstances. HMI understand, no matter where you operate within the health services that your ingenuity, teamwork and commitment ultimately provides better health services for service users and their families.

The HMI Leaders Award for 2017 is now open for applications and we look forward to hearing from you and your colleagues.

The award recognises leaders who are bringing about changes in healthcare; delivering improvements in patient outcomes; enhancing service delivery; and improving resource allocation. The HMI Leaders Award showcases the commitment, risk and perseverance which teams and individuals display in striving to achieve change.

HMI Leaders Award 2015 Snapshot
60 applications across all sectors of healthcare
22 applications shortlisted
4 commendations awarded by the Regional Adjudicators
7 finalists who presented to the National Adjudication Panel

Over the past two years, all entrants for the HMI Leaders Award have demonstrated high levels of creativity and innovation at work in our health services. This year will be no exception. We know that there are lots of great things happening across all areas of the system. We really want to spread the word about your projects and give them visibility as role models for their peers.

Winning this award was a wonderful achievement for the Chatterbox. We were personally delighted to have our hard work and dedication acknowledged.  Speech & Language difficulties if left undetected can have a significant and persistent impact on a person’s life.  Raising the profile of this potential impact and the benefits of effective Speech & Language intervention from an early age is of significant benefit to any population. Winning this award has afforded us a larger platform from which to promote the benefits of prevention and early intervention, for which we are very grateful.

Receiving this award had such a positive impact on the entire team. As well as an enormous sense of recognition of our hard work, it made all the difficult challenges that we circumvented worth it and it galvanised our determination and commitment to improve things further for our clients while boosting our enthusiasm and energy to do it. Entering the MHI awards also gave us a unique opportunity to hear about and to learn from lots of other excellent health care initiatives that are being devised and delivered on the ground. I would highly recommend entering the HMI awards. The whole process was very educational, enlightening and hugely motivational

Why enter?

There are a number of reasons why you should apply.

To be acknowledged by your peers in recognition of the effort and success of your project or your team’s project. It will also generate profile for your achievement.

Review your work
Applying for the award assists in reviewing your work or that of the team and helps to assess the impact it has had.

Promote good practice
Your project you can help to motivate others and can encourage the sharing of good practice.

How to apply?

  • Complete the HMI Leaders Award application form.
  • In the case of a team entry, just the name of one person on the application form for contact purposes is required.
  • For verification purposes, please include the name of your CEO/Director/Manager.
  • Your entry application must address each of the criteria, and be in text only.
  • Shortlisting judges will score on the basis of the evidence submitted.
  • Applications will be shortlisted.
  • There will be no feedback on entries not shortlisted.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.

Who should enter?

We are looking for submissions from individuals, work units, inter-disciplinary teams at the core of real and positive change. It is those people who stand out, who have conviction, determination and who are committed to improving healthcare delivery. There is no limit to the types of projects that are eligible to go forward. Applications are invited from both clinical and non-clinical areas who have been involved in initiatives which have delivered change. Examples would include service delivery enhancements, quality improvements and the application of new technologies. The roll-out of a new care pathway, the response to a crisis and the introduction of lean health methodologies would be typical initiatives envisaged by the award.

Proudly sponsored by Novartis