HMI Services

There are a number of organisational development methodologies that contribute significantly to improved organisation performance. They focus on aligning individual efforts with organisation goals and removing barriers to effective performance. Organisational development initiatives also promote positive people development values. HMI provides a range of organisation development and support services to client organisations. Our approach is participative and consultative. Our expertise is varied across the following areas:



HMI provides a range of HR consulting services which assist in the management and delivery of specific HR projects and initiatives. We design tailored solutions to suit your organisations requirements. Our management and human resource consultancy expertise is extensive and covers many areas.

Discussions and Research

HMI Discussions and Research

From time to time, HMI conducts research activities in varying areas of healthcare management such as governance or in the area of health reforms. We have also as a membership organisation, participated in international research. At all such times, members are invited to participate in organised discussions, surveys and research. HMI is not currently involved in any research subject.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Most organisational learning occurs on-the-job. Coaching significantly enhances executive performance through development focused on the individual; personalised feedback on performance; development based on real-life issues; personal and organisational development needs addressed; and support and confidence building. HMI provides executive coaching to suit individual client requirements.

Performance Management

Performance Management enables managers agree their contribution to the organisation. An effective system clarifies roles, identifies key result areas for managers and sets goals and review processes. Executive performance contracts match individual career and development needs with organisational goals. HMI provide customised training programmes/workshops to help with the roll-out of your performance management system. We can also advise on best practice.

Organisation Surveys

Organisation Surveys

Informed decision-making is critical for today’s organisation whether it involves decisions relating to employees or customers. Understanding exactly how your internal and external customers feel about the organisation can help you gain that competitive edge. Organisational surveys help you to gauge what is working well in your organisation and what isn’t working well and where you need to set improvement targets. HMI provides a range of in-depth organisation surveys including employee satisfaction; climate and culture surveys; and client satisfaction. Survey distribution methods include: web-based surveys, email surveys and paper-based surveys.

Team Building/Development Workshops

These workshops have proven very beneficial in terms of re-invigorating and re-aligning teams as well as addressing problem areas and conflict.