creativity and innovation

in our health services

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How to Apply

  • Complete the HMI Leaders Award application form.
  • Fill out application form with name, contact details etc.
    • In the case of a team entry, just the name of one person on the application form for contact purposes is required.
  • Your application must address each of the criteria, and be in text only.
    • Need to outline project (what are the aims, who are the target audience, how long in operation).
  • Demonstrate how it meets the specific criteria (risk factors, process, opposition faced, difficulties encountered and resolved, benefits/achievements, effective and efficient use of resources, transferable outcomes, innovative approaches).
  • Demonstrate how project has exceeded the requirements and expectations of those it is serving.
  • For verification purposes please include the name of your CEO/Director/Manager.
  • Shortlisting judges will score on the basis of the evidence submitted.
  • Applications will be shortlisted.
  • There will be no feedback on entries not shortlisted.

Your application should

  • Be clear and concise.
  • Show clear evidence of success (group/team).
  • Show proof of effective change – if change cannot be quantified it must be demonstrated in qualitative terms.
  • Outline aims, problems faced, solutions created and the subsequent benefits.