About HMI Training

The HMI is dedicated to the education and continuing professional development of healthcare managers in Ireland. Our high-quality and innovative training, education and eLearning interventions are aimed at building the competence and confidence of health service managers and staff.

Our commitment to training in healthcare and our dedication to continuous improvement has guided the development and growth of each of our training programmes. HMI offer both open and in-house programmes.

We design and deliver sophisticated, yet highly practical programmes that combine theory, peer learning and action learning principles that meet the needs of client organisations. The result is practically-oriented courses where participants can share their experiences whilst developing new and practical skills.

In-house courses

HMI develop bespoke in-house training programmes based on individual client requirements. We work with our clients to ensure that our programmes are tailored specifically to their particular hospital or healthcare environment. This ensures that the learning experience is both relevant to the individual and their workplace making each programme highly effective in implementing learning transfer on return to the workplace.

Benefits of in-house programmes:

  • Customisation: tailored to meet your specific training requirements
  • Flexible: where and when you want
  • Cost effective: no travel, no days away, no unrelated expenses
  • Low cost per person: even with small numbers
  • Consistent message throughout your organisation