HMI East Regional Meeting 19th September 2022

Speaker: Dr. Orla Healy, Quality and Patient Safety Directorate, HSE
Title: ‘In Quality Conversation with Dr Orla Healy’
Location: Delivered via Zoom Webinar
We would like to thank our speaker Dr. Orla Healy, for giving her time to talk to us about the work of the QPS Directorate and the assistance which is available to managers around the issues of quality and patient safety.

You can view the webinar here.

During the webinar a number of useful references were given to those attending. These are listed below.

National Quality and Safety Directorate Resources and Links:

  1. Home page (the front door of the directorate) can be accessed here
  2. Our anchor for everything we do is the “Patient Safety Strategy 2019-2024”
  3. World Patient Safety Day-  two week schedule of events and links
  4. To help teams assess their knowledge and skills for QI follow this link
  5. Select from our Prospectus of Education and Learning Programmes
  6. Listen to our new Podcast Series “Walk and Talk Improvement” co-hosted with HSC QI team Northern Ireland – follow this link
  7. QI Toolkit – this toolkit contains 20 templates that you can select from and adapt to support you in undertaking a QI project
  8. To hear quickly or listen back to QPSTalkTime (webinar) follow us on twitter @QPSTalkTime or register at this link
  9. Read about the Just Culture Guide there
  10. An interactive introduction to Human Factors for Healthcare Workers and summary is located here
  11. National Centre for Clinical Audit(about, training, glossary and resources)
  12. Information about the Q Community (membership organisation for people learning improvement) – supported by the HSE and fee to individuals
  13. Keep connected with us – to hear quickly about new development and supports for you and your teams – follows us on twitter @nationalQPS #patientsafety #QIreland