HMI Annual Conference 2018 – Open for bookings

HMI conference 2018Future Health: from vision to action’ is the name of our conference for 2018.

Slaintecare has given managers and clinical leaders a context and vision for the implementation of change and improvement within the sector. With initiative, resourcefulness, leadership and management, we can connect the solutions that exist to resolve persistent problems and those likely to emerge.

Improvements in healthcare delivery will only take us so far. To be fit for purpose and to meet the expectations of our service users, a cultural shift  is also required, which places the service user at its core. As managers, we are central to shaping the values and practices that lead to better governance and accountability.

We are excited to be bringing a formidable line up of speakers who will provoke, and contribute to the discussion on how we can best negotiate the journey to deliver safer, better, quality care to all our service users.

For more information check our our conference website.