Online induction package for healthcare providers

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to put unprecedented strain on health systems worldwide. Through conversations with our clients and partners we are aware of the increased strain brought on by onboarding new staff.

The Health Management Institute of Ireland (HMI) along with our learning and development partner, The Learning Rooms, are offering an online induction package for healthcare organisations currently onboarding new staff. The healthcare induction package includes:

Basic Fire Safety for Healthcare

This online course is designed to equip participants with essential fire safety knowledge and the procedures that they need to follow in the event of a fire in the workplace. This course has been built around legislative guidelines that outline causes of fire, fire prevention, different types of fire and how to deal with a fire upon discovery. This course equips participants with the skills to identify fires, potential fire hazards and fire prevention to help maintain safety and that of colleagues.

People Handling

Healthcare Professionals are often involved in the movement of patients within their daily work. Safe moving and handling of people continues to be a major challenge in all health and social care settings, and poses a risk of injury for the carer and for the person. When patient handling is performed correctly, patients can be moved with ease and with reduced risk of injury, to both the patient and the healthcare professional.

Manual Handling

Safer manual handling has never been so easy. This 15 minute Online Manual Handling Course helps support the delivery of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training to people who frequently perform manual handling activities.

Hand Hygiene

This online course is designed to equip participants working in a healthcare environment with essential hand hygiene knowledge. Participants will learn about industry best practices, such as why hand hygiene is so important, when to perform hand hygiene procedures, and the correct hand washing technique. This Hand Hygiene online course utilises WHO’s Five Moments for Hand Hygiene, so that learners understand the context and importance of hand hygiene.

Resilience in the Workplace

This is one of the most trying times most of us have faced in our employment careers. This course looks at four key areas for building resilience. It explores how to manage stress and gives you helpful tools to function effectively in difficult situations. The module then explores self-awareness, looking at it from the perspective of Covey’s 4 intelligences and the important role they play in strengthening your resilience. The module looks at different aspects of emotional intelligence that can help you perform better under pressure. Finally, it will help you gain clarity around the reality of difficult situations you might be facing helping equip you to deal with them.

On completion of the five modules learners will receive a certificate. The courses are hosted on The Learning Rooms secure system. Staff have three months to complete the courses. For groups of more than 50 learners, L&D managers can avail of weekly reports.

These healthcare specific online training courses allow your staff to quickly upskill in some key areas. They can be delivered to a geographically dispersed team as well supporting social distancing by as eliminating the need for close contact face-to-face training.

The bundle can be purchased on an individual basis or blocks of learners. The pricing is as follows:

  • 1 Learner – €75 + VAT
  • Block of 5 Learners – €250 + VAT
  • Block of 10 Learners – €400 + VAT
  • Block of 25 Learners – €625 + VAT
  • Block of 100 Learners – €1,750 + VAT

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