Clinical Risk Assessment in European Hospitals: Survey

During the last years, the EAHM is using the IMPO model as an approach to promote hospital management and to focus it on patient outcomes. “Patient safety” and “Risk management” form in this view important objectives.

According to the WHO, “’ Risk management ‘ is routine in most industries and has traditionally been associated with limiting litigation costs. Hospitals and health organizations use a variety of methods for managing risks. Many hospitals have well established systems in place for reporting patient falls, medication errors, retained swabs and misidentification of patients. Nevertheless, they are only beginning to focus on all aspects of clinical care to see opportunities for reducing risks to patients.”[1] So, clinical risk management plays an essential role in enabling our hospitals to secure patient safety and high quality of patient care as well as cost effectiveness. Therefore, we would highly appreciate and strongly recommend you to take part in a survey about clinical risk assessment in European hospitals.

The main goal of this confidential survey is to get a comprehensive inside view, how clinical risk assessment is established in hospitals in the different European countries and the level of awareness about the link between risks and risk related preventable costs. In addition, the survey will allow a comparison of the implementation status between hospitals and countries and to draw conclusions how to further develop clinical risk assessment.

The survey will take around 25 minutes. It should be filled out by a person, who is in charge and has the most comprehensive overview on clinical risk management in the hospital. All answers will be kept anonymously and confidential. The survey will be open until October 21th, 2016. All participants will get an exclusive summary of the survey results.

To start the survey which is available in English, French, German and Italian, please use the following link:

The survey is developed and distributed in cooperation with the Institute of International Health Management at Frankfurt School, Germany, and supported by B.Braun Melsungen AG. The analysis of results of the survey will be presented during the next IMPO conference on November 17th, 2016 in Düsseldorf.

For any further questions please contact Prof. Dr. Rainer Sibbel (

Many thanks for your kind support!

Kind regards,

Gerry O’Dwyer

President of the EAHM

[1] Patient safety research: introductory course (on-line), WHO, Topic 6: Understanding and managing clinical risk (