Avail of HMI’s March Monthly Offer

HMI are delighted to announce their latest monthly offer.

In March 2011, HMI’s ‘Infection Prevention & Control’ Training DVD (International Edition) can be purchased for as little as €121 incl VAT! Original price €275 incl VAT!

Based on World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, this DVD provides valuable training and ongoing education on standard precautions for staff operating in a range of healthcare settings. The DVD focuses on four key content areas: Infection Prevention & Control; Hand Hygiene; Waste Management & Decontamination Issues; and Personal Protection.

Development of the DVD was guided by best practice recommendations made by leading experts in the field of infection control, microbiology and waste management. By demonstrating the practical application of standard precautions, this DVD provides an easy transfer of skills to healthcare staff. This DVD is designed to facilitate both tutor-led group training sessions and individualised self-paced learning; is easy to follow; and suitable for staff at all levels, clinical and non-clinical.

To learn more about this DVD visit www.infectioncontroltrainingdvd.com.