Annual Conference 2017

HMI Annual Conference 2017

Monday, 25th September
The Concert Hall, RDS, Dublin

“Innovative Disruption: Changes that will make a difference”

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Innovative Disruption is the theme of our annual conference. It recognises that significant disruptive change must occur in key processes in the health system. Disruption is essential to provide openings and opportunities for radical innovation, which is essential to improve health service delivery, enhance patient experiences and control cost escalation.

The disruptive impulse has come from external factors ranging from demographic shifts to the availability of new technologies. Internal factors include the slow roll-out of some strategies, the challenge of culture change and the difficulties of managing with limited resources.

Innovation and new approaches to healthcare delivery spring from product (service), process (delivery method, technique, equipment) and structure (internal and external infrastructure). Improved patient outcomes and patient safety is a core need of all stakeholders from policy makers to front-line staff.

Much of the innovation to date in the health services, outside of the clinical strategies, has been incremental and is based on the continuous improvement of existing processes. But that will only get us so far. To be truly innovative, we need to be prepared to discard past policies, protocols and practices to make way for the sort of changes which will make a quantum difference.

Our conference ‘Innovative Disruption: Changes that will make a difference’ aims to explore the potential of innovative disruption and identify where we, as managers, can have the most significant impact. We will be challenged by an outstanding panel of speakers with an in-depth understanding of international best practice and a clear vision of the future of health services across Europe. The focus will also be placed on how we as individuals – Clinical Directors, Nurse Management and Healthcare Executives – need to change our behaviours to model and to respond to innovative disruption in our care systems.

During the day, there will be many opportunities for debate and discussion. As a delegate, you will have the chance to network with your peers and meet counterparts from across the health services.

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