HMI Annual Conference 2018

HMI Annual Conference 2018

Monday, 19 November
The Concert Hall, RDS, Dublin

Future Health: from vision to action

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Our conference theme Future Health: from vision to action reflects the challenges we all face in relation to the provision of healthcare services for future generations. Bridging the knowing-doing gap.

Our vision is based on the Slaintecare Strategy to deliver healthcare which is available, accessible, acceptable and underpinned by high quality for future generations. This is what our service users want and what they deserve.

While Slaintecare offers a roadmap for future healthcare provision, we need to have an honest conversation about the tools, technologies, systems, people, and management practices required. We know that the structures, processes and practices of the past are no longer fit for purpose. Our organisations will need to be agile and adaptive and innovative. Our people will need to work with open minds and embrace collaboration to find better ways of working. Solutions will not come from additional financial investment – that will be needed to meet just to meet increasing demand. Being innovative means working with the resources we already have to provide more and better services. We will need to look beyond ourselves to harness the solutions that are available through technology and artificial intelligence.

We also need to look at our culture, management structures and styles, particularly those which fall short of the requirements for better governance and accountability. There is ample evidence as to why this is necessary.

Our conference will offer an excellent space to spark debate and discussion about what happens from here. We have already ‘done’ the vision. The question is – what to we need to do to make the vision a reality?

The conference will also offer an unique opportunity for managers to meet and network with colleagues in a relaxed and friendly athmosphere. I look forward to seeing your there.

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