HMI South Regional Meeting 24th May, 2022

Speaker: Dr Jennifer Hayes, Principal Psychology Manager in HSE South

Title: “Supporting the Health Needs of People Fleeing War”

Location: Delivered via Zoom Webinar

We would like to thank our speaker Dr Jennifer Hayes, for giving her time to talk to us about a very compelling topic, ‘Supporting the Health Needs of People Fleeing War.’ Jennifer spoke about what precisely it is that people are fleeing from, it’s not just war, but includes breaches of rights, loss of loved ones, hunger, the loss of lives that people had previously. She outlined the difficulties that such people face in a health system that is designed for the needs of Irish people rather than for the needs of those who are fleeing war. There is no disputing that Irish people wish to help and that our actions are coming from a place of concern. She shared ways that we can make this better. The link below will take you to the training resources which Jennifer referenced during her presentation. Jennifer also advised that she would make some additional resources available. You will find these in the Dropbox link below. You will have access to these for 30 days.

Dropbox link


You can view the webinar here.