E-Learning Courses

The Health Management Institute (HMI) are committed to the development of best practice healthcare training resources, including the development of bespoke e-learning solutions for delivery within client organisations. Our proven track record of providing custom-built products that are competitively priced is based on a tried and tested formula which combines sound educational principles and cutting edge design delivered on the most appropriate learning platform.

Bullying and Harassment Training for All

This “Bullying and Harassment Training for All”  course helps individuals and organisations maintain a workplace where employees come to work without fear of being bullied or harassed. It teaches participants about their right to be treated, and their responsibility to treat others, with dignity and respect in the workplace.

Managing People Online

Managing People Online Course

Our Managing People eLearning course will help you develop the personal and professional skills needed for effective people management and leadership. The course will cover the essential concepts, tools and models used to manage people.

Managing People Online

Workplace Dignity and Respect online course

All employees are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. A workplace which values diversity and inclusion is one which empowers it’s employees and staff to appreciate the differences that may exist between them based on the major social divisions of for example, age, gender, ethnicity. However, workplaces are complex social structures where unacceptable behaviours and attitudes can be disruptive with profound consequences for those involved. Some of this behaviour may arise due to employees not being aware of their own biases and how this can influence their attitudes towards others leading to bullying and harassment type behaviours.

Managing People Online

Workplace Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing, online course

For many people, work plays a major part of their life. The average person spends approximately one third of their lives working. It is how people gain their income, interact with others, gain self-esteem, feel valued and productive. Inclusive workplaces make space to allow people to flourish and thrive while also understanding that they have a role to play in protecting the mental health of employees and staff. A period of poor mental health carries impacts for the individual involved and for the organisation, be it individual distress and feelings of stigma, or absenteeism and loss of productivity. Good mental health in the workplace is everyone’s concern.

Managing People Online

Workplace Health and Safety online course

Workplace health and safety legislation imposes rights and responsibilities on managers and staff alike. All organisations and managers are, obliged under legislation to ensure the health and  safety of their staff and others while in the workplace. Staff and employees are also obliged to follow health and safety guidelines and protocols as required by legislation. This Workplace Health and Safety course covers common areas of health and safety in healthcare settings. It will give healthcare staff relevant information to assist them in staying safe and following best practice to ensure their own safety and health while at work.

Personal Effectiveness online course

Personal Effectiveness Online Course

This online Personal Effectiveness course is designed to help participants understand their personal working styles and how it impacts on others. It will enable participants to strengthen their personal and professional resourcefulness to help deal with varying situations in their work and personal life.

Basic Fire Safety online course

Basic Fire Safety Online Course

Our Fire Safety eLearning course is designed for anyone wishing to improve their knowledge around fire safety in the workplace. Deliver this Fire Safety online course throughout your organisation to ensure all employees are aware of what to do in the event of a fire and how to prevent fires in the workplace.

Hand Hygiene online course

Hand Hygiene Online Course

This online course is designed to equip participants working in a healthcare environment with essential hand hygiene knowledge. Participants will learn about industry best practices, such as why hand hygiene is so important, when to perform hand hygiene procedures, and the correct hand washing technique.

People Handling Online Course

Developed in conjunction with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, this online course explores patient handling including: lifting, lowering, holding, pushing or pulling of the patient using bodily force of the care provider.

Manual Handling

Manual Handling in the workplace online course

Training your staff in safer manual handling has never been so easy. This 15 minute online course helps support the delivery of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training to staff members who frequently perform manual handling activities.

E-learning development services

E-learning Development Services

HMI are capable of developing bespoke eLearning programmes for our clients. Our expertise and experience in developing healthcare specific online material ensures that all client projects are delivered on time and to a professional standard.

Online courses by The Learning Rooms, HMI’s digital learning development partners.