RCSI Masters and Professional Diploma programmes

The RCSI has a range of Masters and Professional Diploma programmes dedicated to healthcare professionals. Currently, a special offer is in place to Corporate Members of the Institute with staff wishing to pursue one of these programmes.

The RCSI has been developing leaders in medicine and healthcare since its foundation in 1784. In 2005, the college established the Institute of Leadership, Ireland’s only third level institution dedicated exclusively to developing the leadership, management and educational capacity of health professionals. A special discount of 10% is available to HMI Corporate Members funding three or more students.

The RCSI is now recruiting for academic year 2019/20 and have exciting new offerings among their suite of immersive healthcare management and leadership programmes. Many HMI members will already have experienced the transformative impact that participation on these innovative academic programmes has had, on a personal level and within their healthcare organisation.

Special Offer

The college is delighted to offer all HMI corporate members, funding three or more students the benefit of a 10% discount on student fees. Where a HMI corporate member funds five or more students, a 15% discount on student fees will be applied.

Please see the list of Masters and Professional Diploma programmes below or visit www.rcsi.com/leadership for more information:

Contact the student recruitment team on 01 402 8681 or leadership@rcsi.com if you would like to discuss these programmes and the exciting opportunities for healthcare professionals at the RCSI Institute of Leadership this year.