HMI West Regional Meeting 19 February, 2019

Speakers: Brendan Schutte, Workplace Mediator
Title: “Workplace mediation: How it works and why it works”
Location: Education Centre, Merlin Park Hospital, Galway

Our colleagues in HMI West were delighted to welcome Brendan Schutte, Workplace Mediator to address the topic of Workplace Mediation. Brendan started with a definition of mediation and went on to describe the process and purpose of the role of mediation within the workplace. More importantly, he discussed the benefits of process for both the participants and for the organisation. As a process, it offers a speedy resolution to conflict situations where the participants are invested in the outcomes and it helps to prevent situations from escalating into more serious and embedded issues. Brendan took many questions from the audience as he spoke. He also shared insights and tips gained over many years of experience, with them.

You can read the presentation here.