HMI South Regional Meeting 31October 2014

Speaker: John Hennessy, National Director, Primary Care
Title: Primary Care – Priorities for Future
Location: South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital

Primary Care – Priorities for Future was the title of the presentation made by John Hennessy, National Director, Primary Care, HSE, when he spoke at the most recent HMI South Regional meeting.
John began by outlining the overall objective for Primary Care. A key objective is to develop a more balanced and integrated health service. This is to be achieved by delivering more healthcare in Primary and Community settings with strong emphasis on safety and quality. Improved access, improved customer service and value for money are further key objectives which will help to deliver this integrated service.
A comprehensive outline of key policy influences was given and he also identified the key priorities for 2015 and John also indicated how the budget for 2015 will be spent. By the end of the presentation, the audience came away with key messages regarding the future direction of primary care.

Download presentation: Primary Care – Priorities for Future, John Hennessy (78)