Succession planning and developing the skills of managers to enable them to adopt a more strategic approach to their work is an on-going issue for organisations striving to maintain competitiveness whilst also ensuring a continuous high standard of service delivery.

The Breakthrough programme aims to further develop the leadership and management skills of managers including being involved in determining the strategic direction of their organisation. This in-house programme is action learning based and designed to encourage managers to work together on team-based projects that are relevant to the strategic plans and direction of their organisation.

The overall design follows the 70:20:10 model of blended learning which recognises that 70% of learning and development comes from the experience of doing ‘tough jobs’, 20% comes from learning from other people (usually their manager) and 10% comes from training courses.

The key objectives of this course are:

  • To develop the leadership and management skills of participants required for middle management positions and project implementation
  • To develop managers capable of moving from front-line to middle management positions or project leads
  • To enhance the skills of existing middle managers
  • To make progress on a number of significant strategic corporate programmes or initiatives.
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