DML Regional Meeting 26 March 2012

Dublin Mid Leinster (DML) Region

 Regional Meeting: The Special Delivery Unit (SDU) – Update for Managers

26 March 2012

Large Lecture Theatre, Dublin Dental University Hospital, Dublin 2

The Special Delivery Unit (SDU) has become an integral part of the health services delivery system in Ireland.  It was established to unblock access to acute services by improving the flow of patients. The SDU is focusing initially on emergency departments and is working to support hospitals in addressing excessive waiting times for admission to hospital. The SDU is working closely with key teams in the HSE and the NTPF, building on initiatives already underway including the clinical programmes. It provides a performance management function for the Irish hospital system and is committed to drive down waiting times.

Priority areas for the SDU include Emergency Departments performance; waiting times for patients seeking admission as in-patients; In-patient waiting times; Out-patient waiting times; and, Access to diagnostics.

This meeting will provide managers with a critical update on the progress being made by the SDU and on its impact on the work of managers responsible for the delivery of services. There will be good opportunities for questions, discussion and networking during and after the presentation.

17:30 Registration and Welcome
18:00 Update on the work of the Special Delivery Unit (SDU)Tony O’Brien, Chief Operating Officer, Special Delivery Unit, Department of Health
19:15 Refreshments
20:00 Finish

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